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Celiac Disease and Weight Issues

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was very underweight. I was very thin. No matter what I did I never gained weight. My clothes didn’t fit me well and I was using belts to keep my pants up. I felt like I was just fading away. No matter what I ate, it made me feel sick. No matter what I ate, it always felt like something didn’t agree with me. I was nervous of everything I ate. I virtually had permanent diarrhea and nausea. My appetite waned from being really hungry to never feeling like eating. I always got sick when I ate out and never felt very well.

When I had my Gastroscopy for the Celiac Diagnosis, the doctor told me, once I start cutting out Gluten, I will need to watch my weight, as I may start to put on too much weight! I said to him “May that be my biggest problem”.

How funny that of course that ultimately became the truth. But first it took me a long time to start eating properly again and attempting to put on weight. I went to a dietician, who helped me with an eating plan. Every week I would go to her, to be weighed, and the each little bit I put on, I got more and more excited about. Its seems ironic but I had felt so awful being so thin, it was so wonderful to finally be putting some meat on my bones.

The thing that was so amazing for me is that for the first time food started to taste really good, really really good. I was eating 2 and 3 helpings of dinner! For the first time now that I knew that gluten was the culprit in making me sick and I was cutting it out of my food, I could freely eat whatever I wanted. Whereas before, never knowing what made me sick, always made me cautious and made me a very picky eater.

Now I could eat everything and enjoy it and not get sick afterwards. Things just tasted so good as well. It was almost as if my taste buds were finally alive again. They were experiencing all these wonderful new flavours and tastes and sensations. My weight gradually increased and people kept telling how well I was looking. For the first time in my life and was feeling and looking well.
Now I’m at the stage where I have gained enough weight and I actually have to watch what I eat to make sure I do not gain too much!

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