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On Holiday without Gluten!

Cape Town

Well I’m back from my lovely two weeks of pure relaxation and rest in Cape Town. It was a really nice break and so good to get back down to the coast and to have a holiday. It was our first holiday in 2 years.

Yes I did manage very well to have a Gluten free holiday (vacation). I stayed in a place where I could make my own food, which definitely does make a difference and I would highly recommend doing that, to anyone planning a trip. Staying in a hotel, means that every meal has to be checked for gluten, whereas for me, I made my own breakfast and then if we either ate out for lunch or dinner, I could plan around it.

One of the best things about being at the coast, is the plentiful supply of wonderful fresh fish (sadly even this is less due to the dwindling supply of fish in our ocean). So I basically ate fish all the time. If I went out and ordered fish, I was sure to ask if they used flour. Even grilled fish, is actually pan fried with a basting sauce containing flour. Every place I went to was more that happy to oblige with a dry cooking and the fish was still excellent.

I even found some gluten free rolls at a place called the Wellness Warehouse (in Cavendish) and it was wonderful to have a sandwich. My first in quite a long time. I unfortunately reacted pretty badly to the rolls. Not sure if there was contamination, or if I am now starting to react to soy flour, which seems to be a common substitute for wheat flour. I am not sure if any other Celiacs react to soy??

So I actually found it easier to just not have any bread while I was away and I only will have at home from the sources I trust (which is currently only O’ Crumbs ). Also it was better for me to avoid bread anyway, with my rapidly expanding waistline!

I did have some lovely gluten free cheesecake, covered in a gorgeous berry coulis at Hillcrest Berry orchard, the best kept secret in Cape Town and surrounds. There was absolutely no base used and it was still a lovely baked cheesecake. I did purchase their recipe book while I was there and so will definitely be trying that one out. For lunch although they offered a gluten free pasta option on the menu, the sauce contained gluten!!! So the lovely chef came out and asked me what I would I like and she made it especially for me and it was delicious. So no harm in asking.

Another great place I found was Primi Piatti, which made an amazing gluten free pizza (best I’ve had anywhere) and also Harry’s Pancake place, did a lovely gluten free pancake and the best part was, that there was no extra charge for a gluten free option! Both of those are at the V and A Waterfront.

I generally found people very open to the whole gluten free, healthier diet option and didn’t get any blank stares to my questions or requests for Gluten Free. So all in all a wonderful time and great food too!

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