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One Year Gluten Free

I can’t believe when I look back, how much my life has changed in one year. I can’t believe it was August last year I went for blood tests and the gastroscopy that would change everything.

A diagnosis of Celiac Disease, so overwhelming and confusing and wonderful all at the same time. Scary and terrifying, not knowing what in the world I can and cannot eat, knowing somewhere in the back of my mind, that one day if I travelled to Italy, I would’t be able to eat platefuls of pasta, and beautiful, warm fresh baked bread! Never again can I eat doughnuts or hamburgers or cookies and cakes out. No more pizza!

I guess it’s human nature that we always think of all the worst things first, the ideas of what we are missing out on. Of course, I was thrilled that I had finally solved the mystery of my constantly being sick and tired. I was 28 years old and had always had something wrong with me. I was always the sick child, told I had a “spastic colon” with all my stomach problems and stomach bugs, always tired with my thyroid problems, all sick with every little cold and cough, with my virtually non-existant immune system. Aways in pain with my Fibromyalgia. Always too thin. Always Anemic. Just tired of being sick and tired.

Wow could something as seemingly simple as cutting out Gluten change all that?? Well the answer amazingly enough is YES YES YES! I started by reading every label of every single item of food that went into my mouth and was in my grocery cupboard and fridge. I become a little obsessed and cleared out my whole kitchen in a massive gluten clear out. I went every few weeks to be weighed by my dietician and delighted in every new kilo that added on. I was finally starting to feel well. I was told by my doctors that it can take up to a year for your gut to heal completely and I believe that depending on the damage to your intestines, that is true. I still had a few stomach problems, but those also started to become ironed out as the months went on. I became even more label conscious and even more aware of gluten containing products after a mishap with “gluten free bread” that was made with spelt ( a wheat product) made me very ill.

Slowly slowly the energy I felt every day was amazing. I would no longer wake up exhausted. I was starting to have more energy and my iron levels and stores began to build up. My body had filled out and I actually was starting to look well and normal, no longer emaciated. Everywhere I went I was constantly told how well I was looking.

Anyone who thinks that cutting out Gluten cannot seriously make big changes in their life, is seriously mistaken. Today I am so much better than I ever was. I am no longer constantly on antibiotics, constantly full of sinus problems, I am well and energetic and excited that I can now make all my own gluten free stuff. Food is no longer a challenge, but a thrill. I don’t ever feel I am missing out on things, I feel that I am lucky I have an opportunity to know each and every ingredient that goes into my mouth. Food has become a complete passion and educating people about Celiac Disease and eating gluten free a Calling.

One year gluten free and counting 🙂

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