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We are what we eat!

The heat is quite unbearable here at the moment. It has been hot and dry for months now as we all await the summer rains. There is nothing quite as magical as the first thunderstorm of the summer in Jo’burg. The heat builds up all day. The sky clouds over and in the afternoon, the thunder rumbles and the huge streaks of lightning flash across the vast expanse of sky, just before the sky opens and the huge droplets come falling to the ground and release the smell of freshness, optimism and joy.

I am very sensitive to the weather and am really struggling with this dryness. Everything is dry and cracked from my skin, to the soil in my garden. The garden is desperate for water. I am watering every day now, just to keep everything alive. I love being in my garden. To me that is the best place in the world. My organic veggie garden that I started a month ago is flourishing beautifully. I can’t believe how quick it was before my lettuce was ready to pick and eat.

To me there is nothing quite as wonderful as stepping out into the garden and picking my own lettuce from my own patch, that I have tended. I have been waiting to start a vegetable and herb garden for ages and it is now happening. I thought it was going to be so difficult, but it is actually so much easier than I thought. The most important thing is to have good soil and I prepared the bed for all through winter with lots and lots of compost.

One of the most valuable things I got was a book By Jane Griffiths, called Jane’s Delicious Garden. Check out her page here it is full of some great growing tips.

To me we are meant to get our nutrients from the food we eat, but with the commercial use of pesticides and herbicides and the genetic engineering of plants to make the more resistant to disease, the irradiation of food to make it last longer on our shelves, the depletion of our soils from no crop rotation and the length of time from ground to plate, there is virtually nothing left of nutritional value in our meals. Yet the prices of food is getting much higher.

I hope everyone that is conscious of what they put in their mouths has by now seen, Food Inc. The must see movie of the year regarding the food business.

I have always been aware of food and what I eat and eating well, but since been diagnosed with Celiac and becoming so label aware, I have become even more conscious of eating well and being a conscious consumer. It is so important for our health that we look at what we are eating and become aware of additives and E’s other nasties, as well just gluten.

A big proponent of this of course is Jamie Oliver, who I hold my hat off to in educating and making people aware of eating healthily and preparing their own food. His Food Revolution was both inspiring and moving for me to watch. His organic garden that inspired his Jamie at Home series is also amazing to see and his passion for cooking and for food just amazing.

So that’s just my little say on food and healthy eating, subjects close to my heart. I’m off now to pick some veggies for supper. 🙂

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