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Name and Shame Them!

I was very disappointed to go a few weeks ago to
Fruits & Roots in Bryanstan only to be given contaminated food!

It’s a place that prides itself on good healthy living and advertise their array of vegan and gluten fee options on the menu.

I met up with a friend from Australia who I hadn’t seen in 8 years and we went there for coffee which turned into a lunch. I deliberately went there to eat, knowing that the options would be good and I wouldn’t have to worry about contamination.

I ordered the “gluten free” carrot cake. I was told by the waiter that it was definitely gluten free! They have a fridge with the ingredients written on and I checked it and all seemed perfect. There was even no soy flour in, which also makes me sick.

The cake was lovely and with all our chatting we stayed on for lunch. It was only after my vegetable curry that I felt really really really full. My first thought was “oh oh”. Does anyone else get that? That is usually my first hint of gluten… I called the waiter over who assured me that there was no gluten in the vegetable curry.

By this time I was in a cold sweat and had to make a run to the bathroom in the restuarant to throw up!
I was so angry; in my stooped over state, I managed to ask for the manager. I told him how ill I was and did the curry have gluten. No he replied and the carrot cake I asked? Oh yes that has 10% rye in!!!!! RYE I then exclaimed is GLUTEN!!!!

I received no apology, just an feeble excuse that they have 2 carrots cakes, I was given the wrong one! Their attitude absolutely stunk. They begrudgingly gave us back the money for the cake, only after I insisted. What makes me the most angry is that people still see eating ” gluten free” as a fad. It’s the “in” thing to do to lose weight, or the latest fad diet!

No it isn’t some of us have Celiac Disease and cannot tolerate any gluten. We will become really ill. It was only because I stayed on to have lunch, that I got ill there, else I might have only been sick, once I got home. But still the time was almost immediate. I have an allergy to gluten. Its not a choice.
If I couldn’t eat peanuts, would they have been so blase?

I will not be eating there again or buying from their shop. We need to name and shame those places that have to respect for Celiacs and those eating gluten free. If you have had an experience like this, please share it and let all of us avoid those places. We must stand up for our rights!

It’s not just a little bit of contamination. I was ill for the rest of that day and the set back, meant everything I ate over the next few days, didn’t go down well.

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