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Eating Gluten Free in Cape Town

I have been living in Cape Town for 2 weeks now and I am impressed by the many options of gluten free eating out and by the knowledge of the most restaurants of what gluten free options are and what gluten free even is!

From the moment I got off the plane at Cape Town airport and ate at Ocean basket. I asked them for grilled fish without flour. Unfortunately all grilled fish,comes with a flour/basting coating containing flour and one needs to always request without. The waiter immediately said ok is that for gluten free? Wow I was impressed.

Since then I have had Gluten free pasta and gluten free pizza at Primi Piatti. Their meals are delicious and it fast becoming one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town. Another favourite food of mine is sushi which is of course naturally gluten free, except for the soy sauce. I always ask for lemon wedges. My best sushi place so far has to be Wasabi in Constantia. The most divine fresh sushi.

Another great find in this most beautiful of cities is Harries’ Pancakes which now also has a branch in Hout Bay. They serve delicious gluten free pancakes on request and at no extra charge!

As I keep discovering more and more gluten free places I will share with you as soon as I know.
If you know of any great gluten free places in Cape Town, please share with me!

Hi Quick update to this post here. November 2013. Harries Pancakes has closed down. Their service was shocking so I am not surprised. I am not sure if Wasabi is still around. Does anyone know? These days I prefer Cape Town Fish Market sushi or my local sushi place around the corner,Best of Asia. Please check out the listing on the left side of the home page for gluten free friendly places and watch this space for a more comprehensive guide..


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  • Stela

    Hello Morna and others,

    Please note the Pronutro wheat free is NOT gluten free – If you read the side panel…you will read in French and Portuguese that they say “may contain gluten or traces of gluten’. I addressed the subject in writing and they explain that the product is manufactured on the same equipment and the same facility as gluten products. I have tried to get them to explain why it only makes the statement in foreign languages, but, after several months, I have yet to get a response (even tho’ I write at least once a month.) So good luck if you eat it.

    Also it is a shame that altho’ Foodlovers makes a loaf of gluten free bread, they do not keep it separate to the others and so cross-contamination is always a risk.

    BTW I bake my own bread from Nature’s Choice Premix and it tastes like REAL bread.

  • ayisha hooosain

    hi all gluten free people

    My daughters and I have gone gluten free two months ago. Some of it was difficult but most were easy changes. We are looking for gluten free halaal restaurants. any ideas?
    There is a vegetarian restaurant in Claremont Oways (not sure of spelling) who has put gluten free items on their menu. We havent tried it yet but their regular veg menu was great.
    Hope it helps some of you.


  • Ana

    Thank you for this….. I have Multiple Schlerosis and have decided to the natural route of treatment. love your website

  • tadeo

    Concerning “pronutro wheat free”, I am presently dying of migraine – the exact reaction when I get if I eat or mistakenly eat wheat or gluten.this started after I bought and ate from pronutro wheat free.

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    Please browse and make suggestions.

  • Yael

    Thanks. Please note this site is no longer updated. My new site is

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