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Gluten-Free: Flavor-Free No More

Check out this latest article on Eating gluten free in the NY Times:

See it HERE

1 comment to Gluten-Free: Flavor-Free No More

  • Alice

    Oats. I’m beginning to wonder whether only some can handle the certified gluten free oats, rather than that only some cannot. None of my siblings or their kids can tolerate it, and my children reacted to these oats, as well. I happily tried it, as I also really liked oats, but slowly found symptoms arising. Thankfully my reaction to gluten has always been quite minor — but since we can be completely asymptomatic and still do damage to our villi, oats are completely out for me now. I want to retain my long term health. Why don’t you sell your bag? Or, if you’re feeling bad about just getting rid of them, consider that it’s better to use your garbage as a garbage than to use your body as one. A toast to your health. Cheers, Alice

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