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Gluten Free Oats: To Eat or Not to Eat.

Wow! I made a great discovery this week. Dischem pharmacy now has stock of Bob Red Mill’s Gluten Free Oats.It is made in the States in a dedicated gluten free facility.It can also be bought as Amazon.

I am still confused about the information out there about whether or not Oats are gluten free or not. Everything I read when I was first diagnosed included oats amongst the deadly four (the others being wheat, rye and barley of course)

From what I understand Oats do not contain gluten, but however are almost always manufactured in a gluten containing facility. However many Celiacs still do react to oats even if it can be confirmed to be uncontaminated.For a good discussion on the controvercy see here

Well I can only tell you about my experiences. Oats is something I have missed terribly, as it was always a firm favourite breakfast choice for me, especially in winter and I consider it my number one comfort food.

So when I discovered it this week, I was very excited.
I made it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and milk and honey and it was heavenly. I had it this week after not having it for two years! Yes that is a really long time for a favourite comfort food. My first response was it gave me a slight burning feeling of indigestion and I thought well maybe its all the starch and it’s because something I haven’t had in so long. I then felt ok and was happy I had felt good. I had some more again two days later and felt ok.

In the meantime, I realised how bloated I was. My stomach had enlarged to the size it was pre-Celiac Diagnosis days! Oh dear! It had to be the oats, I didn’t have anything else different in my diet.

I seem unfortunately to be one of those unlucky few who does react to oats, even if they are gluten free. My reaction however was slow and gradual and not as severe as when I have been contaminated with wheat or rye. My reaction then is immediate vomiting that goes on for hours. (sorry to be so graphic, but I think it’s important to express that contamination for a Celiacs is severe and not a joke). So now I have an expensive packet of Oats at home and I am not going to waste it. I will probably only just have it very occasionally and than not get it again. How disappointing.

Please share with me your experiences of oats and if you have eaten them and reacted or not!

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  • Catarina

    Thanks for this – didn’t know they were selling this here! Have been eyeing it jealously from afar and considering bringing in my suitcase from my next trip from the US… now I won’t have to and can actually see how it goes down before carrying it across the world 🙂

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