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Essene Bread Does Contain Gluten!

All Celiacs, please note that Essene Bread does contain Gluten! I had the misfortune of finding this out for myself the hard way. Of course I should not have been so trusting, but when someone assures you that Essene bread is ok for Celiacs and doesn’t contain any gluten, you tend to believe them.

The common misconception out there amongst a lot of people who are trying eat healthier diets, is that if a grain such as wheat is manufactured in a different process, it is safer to eat. Essene bread is made using sprouted wheat, which apparently changes it from a carbohydrate to a protein, which removes the gluten component. Rubbish! Maybe if you have an intolorence, or are following some fad celebrity diet, which tells you to cut out wheat, then you can tolerate Essenne Bread, or even Spelt which also Contains Gluten.

I know that the person who sold me the Esese bread sandwich meant me no harm, and if you do read this, please do not let any Celiac customers have this food.

I was on holiday in the Garden Route, and had it at a stall at the Wild Oats market in Sedgfield (which is a really lovely market to visit anyway)I ate it and two hours later, was vomiting repeatedly. It felt like food poisoning and I thought I would maybe be okay.

When we drove home back to Cape Town,I had the most sever back ache and two days later, had severe stomach cramps, fever,body aches, swollen glands, a sore throat and nausea and vomiting. When I saw my doctor, she suggested that my gluten ingestion had triggered an immune response and that is what triggered the virus or immune system dysfunction. I was then on anti-biotics and it has taken me about three weeks to recover fully from the fatigue. Remember Celiac is ultimately a disease of inflammation in your immune system.

So if you think that innocently cheating and have a little gluten is not bad for you, even if you do not react as violently as I do, please realise the damage you are doing to your immune system.

I do also think if you are not sure if an ingredient is gluten free or not, rather err on the side of caution and avoid it. For those newly diagnosed print out a list of all gluten containing ingredients and keep it in you at all times for reference.

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