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Gluten Free In Knysna

I have just come back from a wonderful two week holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The Garden Route is one of the most scenic and magnificent parts of South Africa. We stayed in Knysna. The weather wasn’t the best; lots of rainy and cloudy cool days, but that does kind of enforce relaxation.The views are breathtaking though, and it does feel like you can just sit and watch the view and recharge your batteries.

My favourite place to eat is still East Head Cafe. It is a really wonderful restaurant, situated at the perfect position of overlooking the Heads. They do not specifically have gluten free options on their menu, but there are many naturally gluten free food menu items and they are always happy and willing to change one option for another.

I had their wonderful spinach and feta omelette for breakfast on a few occasions and just ask for it without any toast. Their salads are magnificent, including a delicious one with roast butternut and pumpkin seeds. They had grilled fish option that came with couscous but were happy to change it for me to a side salad and they also don’t grill their fish in flour. Just be careful of their chips, they are coated in flour, so are a no no.

It was my birthday while on holiday and my Aunt spoilt us with a stunning surprise breakfast there. It was just down the road from where we stayed so was in walking distance, overlooking the beautiful lagoon and incredible homes along the mountainside.

I also ate a lovely fish meal at Sirocco in Thesen Harbour Town, a lovely quaint little island just next to the Knysna harbour They also do not grill their fish in flour and it was excellent.

I was also lucky to find gluten free bread, made with Sago flour at the Food Lovers Market/Fruit and Veg City in town. The make was called Bretzinger Lifestyle Bakery, which is based in Jeffrey’s Bay. Really lovely bread that is good toasted. It was nice to find a gluten free bread, quite easily available at a local shop.

Another nice suprise was a yummy gluten free chocolate cake at the Harvest Time Market Hakerville on the way to Pletternberg Bay. I’m not sure if its a regular option on their menu, but the ladies at the stall told me it was made with chocolate, grounds almonds and eggs and it was really good. Always worth it to ask if they have it.

So there are many good option for anyone with Celiac or gluten or wheat allergies.
Another great surprise was Ill de Pain Bakery in These Harbour Town. A bakery you say. Well I’m told their bread is fantastic, no gluten free option there, but guesse what there were some gluten free desserts in the beautiful glass display!

They had pastry called a Luxemburger, which is two macarons (made from meringue) with cream filling. There was also a chocolate mousse cake,with a chocolate base, so no biscuits. It looked like something straight out of Masterchef. Decadently divine.So don’t be afraid to ask somewhere if they have any gluten free options, it might surprise you.

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