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Well it’s well and truly winter now in this part of the world. Down here in Cape Town that is. A few weeks ago, we had lovely extended autumn days full of sunshine and no wind.
Now its cold, rainy and windy. Time for lots of soups and stews and hiding under the blankets.
Remember its important to eat healthily and try still eat well despite the cold.

While other people might go for the easy option of bread or rolls or cakes when its cold, Celiacs and those with gluten intolerance need to find alternatives. In fact everyone shouldn’t be reaching for the bread as an easy option. There is a growing number of people who react badly to wheat.
Wheat is acid forming, clogs the system and is a common allergen.
In the same way Celiacs intestines cannot absorb nutrients, those with wheat intolerance have difficulty digesting food as well. The villi in the small bowel, also becomes permeable leading to leaky gut and mal-absorption. These people usually find they bloat terribly after a meal. They are the one who need to loosen that top button of their pants after eating. Wheat also causes terrible fatigue and many other problems from low immunity to concentration issues. Along with the other ‘Baddy’ Sugar,those are the two to stay away from to improve health.

How to eat well this winter:

Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and lean protein. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, stay away from rice, potatoes, bread and other starchy carbs, instead eat sweet potatoes, vegetables like broccoli, carrots, leeks, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, brinjals, peas, beans, chickpeas.
Eat it with fresh, sustainable fish, and lots of omega 3 rich salmon, tuna, sardines, plichards, snoek. Have lean chicken and ostrich and a little red meat occasionally.Eat eggs, they are good for you.
Don’t forget to drink lots of water in winter. Herbal tea is great when the weather is cold.
Then have the occasional sweet, gluten free treat. 🙂

I am in the process of compiling a comprehensive listing of all gluten free places to eat and buy food and other recommendations in Cape Town. So if you are someone who supplies products or can recommend place you’ve been to eat, please let me know.

Keep Warm

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