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A different Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a new post. I unfortunately haven’t had the best start to the year. Just when I was looking forward to an awesome 2014, things have gone a little haywire.

This was all at the beginning of January. It all started with extreme fatigue. This is not that unusual for me as I am generally always tired, but it seemed even worse than usual. Then I got this really weird dizzy feeling, like I had really low blood sugar, but when I ate something, it didn’t go away. Then I started to feel really wonky, like I was very drunk, but I hadn’t had any alcohol! I decided I better go see the GP. She said, oh you have  vertigo, caused by a middle ear virus, take some of these tablets ( Serc) and just stay lying down and drink lots of fluids. I did. It didn’t get better. I was bumping into things. I couldn’t focus properly with my eyes and could barely make it from the couch to the kitchen. Something wasn’t right. My husband came home from work and when I looked at him, he said my right eye wasn’t tracking to the left. He took me back to the GP. This time, she checked my eyes. Oh something is not right. “There is probably a tumour, or a bleed, but don’t worry, if its a tumour,they’ll just cut it out!”

I was immediately admitted to the local hospital and had an MRI. What an incredibly unpleasant experience. I had previously had a about 3 MRI’s 15 years ago, when I had what looking back now, will be considered my first incident. If you are like me and incredibly sound sensitive and you have a horrific headache on top of it, the only way I can describe having an MRI is like, having a migraine and the neighbour, on the one side is drilling something into a wall, the neighbour on the other side, is playing heavy metal music full blast and the neighbour upstairs is using a  jack hammer right above your head. Really, really awful.

So the MRI results are in and the neurologist comes to see me. There is a 6mm lesion in my midbrain. The midbrain acts as a relay information system for the auditory, visual, and motor systems of the body. It’t not an infection, because if it was, then I’d be in a coma. It’s not a bleed. It’s not a tumour, but it is an area of demyelination.(check out this video where Dr OZ gives a great explanation of what demyelination and MS is)

So now I am really grateful I don’t have a brain tumour, but now I have to face the possibility that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I now have to stay in hospital for 5 days on a daily Solumedrol ( cortisone drip). I also have to face the road to recovery. The brain is such a sensitive area and the eyes are such a scary thing to lose vision.

It’s now 2 weeks since I have been discharged from hospital. I have recovered. I am now finally driving again. I am not longer dizzy or have double vision. I do still get very tired very quickly and still struggle with almost daily headaches. I now have to face the fact that I now have a THIRD auto immune condition. I have Hashimoto’s under-active thyroid, I have Celiac Disease and now I have MS! Sigh

If you continue watching the video, you will see that Jack Osborne and Dr Terry Wahl’s follow the Paleo- Anti- Inflammatory diet. I am now not just gluten free. I am now GRAIN FREE, SUGAR FREE and DAIRY FREE!

So you might see lots more posts to follow all about this new diet I am following. It sounds really tough, but it’s really not. It’s easy and I have already lost weight and stopped craving sugar.

So that’s the story. I have to now decide on whether I go on the standard medical treatment for MS, called Interferons, which are hectically expensive and have horrible side effects. They can reduce the possibility of further attacks. It’s a very tough choice. In the meantime I am doing everything I can to get well. Exercise, supplements and the new way of eating.

There are so many wonderful resources and stories out there of so many other people with many auto-immune disease. Please share with me if you also have others and what you do to help yourself.

Best Wishes




3 comments to A different Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • Mel

    Chin up Hun. Looking forward to seeing some Paleo recipes. Big hugs xx

  • Bronwyn Booysen

    Hi There,

    I have gone through pretty much the same experience as you. I have however found a Doctor who has been treating and healing my adhd, celiac, hashimotos and cfs! He is a functional medincine doctor. He charges the same as a GP.

    You have Hashimotos because you are a celiac, but by not fixing your gut with supplements and probiotics and only being gluten free it will take much longer. Let him guide you!

    I have lost faith in mainstream medicine as they either prescribe antibiotics or cortisone and when thet don’t know what to do then an operation is the only way to fix it, it’s too text book – going after the symptom. Functional medicine goes after the cause!

    This is a whole new journey but if you want to heal I promise you this is a great starting point, you dont have to struggle this way!

    Google Dr Bruce G Muir in Cape Town. #life changing

  • Yael

    Thanks for your comment Bronwyn. I agree. I’ve had to go through all this to realise that just gluten free is not nearly enough! I have been grain free, dairy free and sugar free for just over a month now and feel fabulous ( blog post to follow soon :))
    I have heard from so many people about Dr Muir, so I will definitely give him a try, even if it’s just to help with any underlying allergies or deficiencies I might have. Have you tried the Sarah Ballantyne book. Autoimmune Paleo? It’s an amazing resource and a must read.
    Thanks for your info. I hope you continue to do well on your journey. Please keep in touch!

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