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As some of you know that read my last blog post, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in January of this year. While I was lying in my hospital bed on a cortisone drip for 5 days, my husband Mark, sent me a link to Youtube clip of Jack Osbourne  and Dr Terry Wahl’s who both have MS, but have gone into almost total remission by changing the way they eat.   I began investigating.  Dr Wahl went from being in a wheelchair, to a year later on this diet, cycling and horse riding.

I found her approach fascinating. Eat lots and lots of vegetables that supply all the nutrients and vitamins your body requires and cut out all refined carbohydrates, amongst things.  I did even more research into this.  I then discovered Sarah Ballantyne, who has written the book The Paleo Approach. I bought the book. I am still reading it. It is the most wonderful and comprehensive look into the role of diet and lifestyle in Auto immune disease.

Here is a link to it. I’m sharing this not for promotional reasons, but because it might change your life. It is the most amazing and comprehensive look as to what causes Auto- immune disease and what we can do about it. Yes this is an opportunity to take our health back into our own hands not just be reliant on doctors and medication. It is not a recipe book on the Paleo lifestyle, but a comprehensive scientific explanation of the role of the gut and immunity and what causes auto immune disease. It explains what the food we eat, actually does to our system and how it does it.

I feel very frustrated that when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I was told to cut out ONLY Gluten. I have been gluten free for the last 6 years. To begin with the changes were phenomenal, but over time, the tiredness crept back in to almost debilitating levels, the headaches were daily and the bloated stomach, which I thought was a thing of the past became a constant companion. When I blew up after eating a bowl of popcorn, I just put it down, to “oh I probably had too much”. I was very aware of gluten and ate only all the gluten free’ grains that I’m sure many of you are all familiar with. Rice, corn, quinoa, tapioca, and potatoes. ( all my recipes on this blog have these grains in ).

I have been 6 weeks on my new way of eating ( I refrain from calling it a diet, as this is the rest of life, not just a fad). I have cut out ALL grains, of any description. I have cut out Dairy. I have cut out refined sugar ( no more gluten free cake for me).  I have cut out all legumes, nuts and seeds ( read Sarah’s book to get the full explanation of the effect of phytates and omega-6 consumption). All of this is done to heal the leaky gut that I still have, even though I have been gluten free all this time. JUST GLUTEN FREE IS NOT ENOUGH!

So far I have lost 6 kilograms. I have so much more energy than I think I have ever had in my life and my constant headaches have gone. My pain levels are improving and life just feels so much better.

OK so what do I eat? I eat lots and lots and lots of vegetables, good quality protein, eg meat, fish, chicken and fruit. I no longer have sugar cravings.  This way of eating helps balance your insulin, leptin and grehlin ( hunger hormones) levels. I am not constantly hungry. My bloated stomach is GONE! I’s still struggling with occasional pain in my stomach, but I think I am so much closer to finally healing my gut and treating all my auto immune disease.

I had to get another auto immune disease to figure this out. I hope that by sharing my story, I will help someone who has either just been diagnosed with Celiac, or has had this disease for many years, to discover that gluten free is not enough.  Research and investigate, there is so much more we can do .

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