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Backlash against gluten free??

I don’t know what is going on at the moment, but has anyone else noticed there seems to be a very big backlash against gluten free food at the moment?. From You Tube clips of people not knowing what gluten is to people taking to Facebook  and ranting about being pro gluten, to “research articles” advocating that its all psychological, what is going on???

There are many of us with Celiac Disease who have to be gluten free and many others with other digestive problems, from Chrohn’s Disease, to Ulcerative Colitis, who have successfully healed from being gluten free. Then of course being gluten free is an imperative for anyone with ANY Auto Immune disease!

As you may know if you have read my other posts, being just gluten free for these diseases is not enough, and many other doctors and scientists advocate the Paleo diet. But that is not what I want to talk about here. Here I want to ask why is it that those of us who eat gluten free, are suddenly becoming reviled, disliked and are considered incredibly annoying because of our food choices?

Yes I agree those idiots on the Jimmy Kimmel clip are uninformed and clueless. So why is it then automatically assumed then, that anyone who is gluten free, has no idea what gluten is!!!

I agree that the whole ” gluten free” food explosion has become a bit ridiculous. Gluten free food is usually not twice the price, but triple the price of regular food!  The gluten free ingredients are expensive and hard to come by. Don’t by any means think that just because there is now a large selection of ready made, processed boxes or packets of gluten free food it is remotely healthy!!

It is usually high in sugar, it’s high in carbs and it high in grains, which irritate the gut lining.  Yes it is very convenient to eat like that, but is it good for you? NO! Gluten free should still be about, eating lots of fresh, organic vegetables, fruit, free range, grass fed beef, fish, free range chicken and good fats. You can be gluten free but still very unhealthy, overweight and probably poor from the cost!

But back to the is it all just a fad debate? How about if people with  Insulin Dependant -Diabetes were told that this whole sugar free thing is just a fad? That really some small amount of sugar wont hurt them. Is sugar really a problem or is sugar free a fad? Hardly! So why should Celiacs anyone else that choses to go gluten free be mocked or ridiculed. Oh yeah no one likes people who don’t conform! Oh well tough shit! We are getting well, that’s the most important thing!


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