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Back to Basics

The thing with Auto Immune disease is that unlike lots of other illness there is no cure. Even the Paleo Approach is no cure and has never claimed to be. Sometimes life throws you curve balls even when you are following the diet incredibly strictly. There many things that are out of our control and those things unfortunately can be triggers for Auto-immune disease flare ups or just not feeling well.

I know my one trigger has been way too many anti-inflammatories, which I had no choice but to take for a short period a few weeks ago.  I know that stress is another and I went through a very stressful time for a few weeks as well.  ( I haven’t written about that yet, but when I feel I am able, I will write about that too).

This has been an incredible roller-coaster of a year with lots of ups and downs. I cannot even pin point which of my many diseases I am having a flare- up of , but something isn’t right. It might not even be a flare up of a specific disease but more a cascade of symptoms brought on by a leaky gut flare up. I am tired, and getting frequent headaches, sore shoulders and aching legs when I go to bed at night and an eczema flare up on the palms of my hands  for which I still cannot figure out the cause! I know that my hormone levels are not right and something is out of whack there. So it’s time to go back to basics. I had moved on from the very restrictive AIP and had reintroduced nightshades and nuts and spices with no problem, but that was when I was feeling good and my gut was healing.

Now its time to start again and go back. I am back at the stage where if I eat anything now it might trigger a reaction. Like I had some liver, which is so good for me the other night and had diarrhoea an hour later. I eat oranges and my hands itch or wait was it the coconut milk I had in my tea? I’ve got to that crazy stage where so many things cause triggers, that I might go insane. So I have to go back to AIP. The hardest thing for me is eggs. The first time I did this, eggs were the last to be eliminated and the first to be reintroduced, they are a staple food for me. I still haven’t found a doctor or anyone who can test me for sensitivities, so I have to do things the old fashioned way.

As I’ve said before this is daily work and I will keep at it until I feel just as good as I did at the beginning of this year! I know that I can and will take each day a step at a time.

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