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Two Year Anniversary on the AIP: Is it still the best way to treat autoimmmune conditions?

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It’s been exactly two years since I began using the AIP diet and lifestyle to treat my Autoimmune Diseases. It was January 2014, from my hospital bed. (see here for what made me chose to do that).

There have been times of what felt like miraculous recovery and other times of utter desperation…

The last couple of weeks there have been some interesting news stories regarding Autoimmune Disease. One of those has been the much publicized and successful treatment of a woman who used stem cells treatment to successfully ‘cure’ her MS. On the other end of the spectrum the very sad death of Eagle’s guitarist Glen Frey who died from pneumonia after complications from the side effects of his medications used to treat his Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Although I think there is more and more research and more and more drugs on the market, I still don’t think that more medications are the right way to treat chronic diseases.

In the UK, woman with severe MS, whose disease worsened after the birth of her child, underwent a drug trial, which used chemotherapy agents to pretty much obliterate her entire immune system and then using stem cell therapy, she basically ‘rebuilt’ it. The results were phenomenal and she can now carry her child without any problems. Effectively her doctors have now claimed her to be cured of MS.

  • Would you consider a treatment as drastic as that?
  • Would you consider wiping out your whole immune system for sake of ‘healing’ your body?

Then the case of the talented Glen Frey. He was using the conventional medical approach to AI disease, of using immuno- suppressant medications to treat his disease. This stops the immune system from attacking itself, but in doing so, it unfortunately also suppresses the part of the immune system that fights disease- causing bacteria and viruses. Hence his development of pneumonia and colitis, that left him so weak, his body could not fight it.

I am currently reading Dr Jeff Bland, founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine, book The Disease Delusion. In it he emphasises conventional medicine’s mistake of treating chronic illness like an acute infection that can be treated with harsh drugs.  Antibiotics, like penicillin were life saving to wipe out acute infections like fevers after childbirth or severe staph infections and are still vital for acute bacterial infections.

Obliterating a chronic disease by using strong pharmaceuticals however, doesn’t treat the illness or the causes of the disease. In fact, in the majority of cases this leads to severe side effects, which can even lead to death as indicated in the above case. It also never really treats the majority of symptoms such as pain or fatigue or depression that might go along with the chronic inflammation the sufferer can have. I could and actually intent to write further on this subject as it is think so very important.

I starting this post telling you that I have been doing the AIP for two years now and instead of telling you how I am or giving you some recipes, which is not really my forte, I have rather given you two examples of why I haven’t chosen NOT to go on the strong interferons recommended for MS, or gone on other any other immune, disease modifying drugs. For me, in order to heal and treat my conditions, I have to look at root causes and work on healing my gut and immune system and prevent the self sabotaging attacks in the first place.. . Either way I don’t for one minute regret using this as a way of treating my Celiac, Hashimtoto’s and MS.

I think watching the results of the case of the woman with MS who had the stem cell transplant will be very interesting. I for one want to know, if she doesn’t remove gluten from her diet and heal her gut and remove the possible triggers form example chemical and other stress triggers, will her ‘new’ immune system not just begin to start attacking all over again……




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