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Gluten Free for Kids in Cape Town

Well it’s only a few days away from the school holidays and it’s time to find something to do with the children over the holiday break. This is a small, but by no means comprehensive look at some gluten free options for Celiac children and other’s requiring a gluten free diet in Cape Town. There […]

What is gluten free really?

I am so sick and tired of so many places complete misunderstanding of everything gluten related. Many places think that by offering something “gluten free” on their menu they are joining the trend and will attract a certain kind of cool, hipster crowd. It has become a very lucrative market and because gluten free products […]

Gluten Free in South Africa

I have a lot of people asking me about eating gluten free in South Africa. Either it is people living here who are newly diagnosed or visitors from other countries who are traveling to SA ask me for recommendations on finding gluten free foods and places here. I am based in Cape Town even though […]

Another Two Great Gluten Free Finds in Cape Town

As you all know I am always on the look out for more great gluten free option in the Cape Town area. So here on my latest:

A MUST visit is Terra Bella ( find it on Facebook: Terra Bella Cape Town) a small stall at the Hout Bay Harbour Market filled with the yummiest […]

Two Years Gluten Free and Gluten Free in Cape Town!!

It’s hard to believe it but I have been gluten free now for exactly two years! It was exactly 2 years ago that I went for my gastroscopy and got my diagnosis of Celiac Disease. At the time it was overwhelming, but to look back now it’s amazing how it has changed my life.

I […]

Eating Gluten Free in Cape Town

I have been living in Cape Town for 2 weeks now and I am impressed by the many options of gluten free eating out and by the knowledge of the most restaurants of what gluten free options are and what gluten free even is!

From the moment I got off the plane at Cape Town […]